Over the years the ARCA DE NOÉ has maintained its traditional line of acclaimed, unique WHITE AND ROSÉ WINES, and its renowned REDS produced from the best Rioja vines in the best clay-limestone soils, with precise wine-making procedures that meet the strict demands of modern oenology.

YOUNG WINES: Fresh and fruity young wines.

  • Davalillo Tinto, Davalillo Rosado, Davalillo Blanco.
  • Monte San Quílez Tinto, Monte San Quílez Rosado.

CRIANZA AND RESERVA WINES: Long, complex well-bodied wines aged in oak barrels.

  • Don Paulino Crianza, Don Paulino Reserva.
  • Arca De Noé Gran Reserva.
  • Monte San Quílez Crianza.
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