Discover ARCA DE NOÉ

Working together since 1953

El Arca de Noé: the oldest Cooperative Winery in La Rioja

In 1953, a small group of winegrowers from San Asensio who many considered mad decided to unite their forces, scant resources and all their ingenuity to tackle together the adversities that had plunged the agricultural sector into ruin. That is how Arca de Noé, La Rioja's the oldest Cooperative Winery, was born.

Today 274 members from 4 different generations, past, present and future, work side by side in El Arca de Noé, upholding the spirit that has forged the character of our wines over all these years.

Discover a story about cooperation and overcoming adversity in the heart of La Rioja Alta through our wines.


SINCE 1953

The oldest
Cooperative in La Rioja


780 HA.

In the Rioja Alta region
The secret of our wines



274 winegrowers
The soul of 4 generations


The soul of all our members permeates every corner of the El Arca de Noé Winery. Discover a space where present and future come together for you to experience wine in its purest form.



780 hectares of own vineyards exquisitely pampered by 274 families in the heart of the Rioja Alta region hide one of the secrets of our wines, namely that the finest wines can only be made with the best grapes.


Wines to be enjoyed with the senses and understood with the heart

When you drink one of our wines, apart from enjoying a good Rioja wine, you also get a taste of the devotion of 274 families united by a dream, the aromas of a philosophy of life defined by cooperation and overcoming odds, and the taste of a people capable of reinventing itself in the most adverse circumstances.



We want you to experience the Arca de Noé spirit

"All aboard the Ark" is what our members say when they close the doors of their homes and come to the winery, usually when they cannot work in the vineyard due to bad weather. They know that here they will be able to share news, anecdotes, concerns, joys and experiences with their travel companions, on this adventure known as "El Arca de Noé".

That's why we want you to board the Ark and visit us to learn first-hand about our history, our wines, life in the winery and the people who, working side by side every day, turn a dream that began in 1953 into a reality.


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