The EL ARCA DE NOÉ winery, which is registered at the Rioja Controlled Designation of Origin wine authority, is located in the Barrio de Las Cuevas in SAN ASENSIO, which has a long history of wine production in the RIOJA ALTA area. It was founded in 1953 by a group of grape-farmers from the village of SAN ASENSIO, who processed the fruit from their vines in the various private wineries in the village. The success of the winery led to improved expectations on the part of the grape-farmers and their numbers increased progressively. Today, the winery has 260 members from the village of SAN ASENSIO.

Over the years, EL ARCA DE NOÉ has been engaged in a continuous process of updating and improving its facilities and equipment by introducing new technology for making, aging and bottling its wines in accordance with the requirements of modern oenology and trends in the market. This has been possible due to the experience of our grape producers and oenologists, their knowledge of the soils and the raw materials (the grapes), the development of technical resources and equipment and innovation in the wine-making processes.

VICTOR CARDENAL, S/N 26340 SAN ASENSIO LA RIOJA TEL.:941 457 231 FAX:941 457 000