Wines to be enjoyed with the senses and understood with the heart

When you drink one of our wines, apart from enjoying a good Rioja wine you also get a taste of the devotion of 274 families united by a dream dating back 3 generations, the aromas of a philosophy of life defined by cooperation and overcoming odds, and the taste of a people capable of reinventing itself in the most adverse circumstances.




  • 1 Botell of Cuore
  • 1 Botell of Tempranillo
  • Arca de Noé
  • Gift of ice bucket

A very special case with two wines from the winery’s latest innovations.

Fruity and fresh wine ideal as an aperitif and to accompany all kinds of fish and shellfish and rice, pasta and fish dishes.

ARCA DE NOÉ CUORE, a well conceived and meditated rosé, created to promote the typical claret of San Asensio, expressive, aged on its lees, fresh and fruity like our regular claret, but longer in the mouth and more balsamic, in which you the fruity and floral aromas are much more evident, and very tasty in the mouth.

ARCA DE NOÉ TEMPRANILLO BLANCO, a single-variety wine made from white Tempranillo grapes, an exclusive variety of Rioja, cultivated at high altitudes on plots at more than 600 m asl. Greenish yellow in colour, with tropical fruit and white flowers aromas and hints of peach, unctuous and sweet on the palate followed by a touch of citrus. Enveloping finish and balanced acidity/alcohol content that intensifies its freshness and youth.

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