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When you drink one of our wines, apart from enjoying a good Rioja wine you also get a taste of the devotion of 274 families united by a dream dating back 3 generations, the aromas of a philosophy of life defined by cooperation and overcoming odds, and the taste of a people capable of reinventing itself in the most adverse circumstances.

Arca de Noé · Cuore Rosado 2019

Arca de Noé · Cuore 2021


ARCA DE NOÉ CUORE is a wine created to pay tribute to the typical San Asensio clarete (rosé) that eas being made around the time. El Arca de Noé was founded in 1953. It also bears the stamp of the “new blood” who have helped the winery progress to what it is today.

TYPE AND VINTAGE: Young Rosé Wine 2021 D.O.Ca. RIOJA.

GRAPE VARIETY: Viura y Tempranillo.


Traditional method used to make the famous SAN ASENSIO CLARETE mixing musts from Viura white and Tempranillo red grapes varieties in a proportion of 3 to 1. Fermentation of the clean must in stainless tanks while controlling temperature to preserve and enhance the typical aromas of the clarete.

To give the wine additional sticky sweetness, it is left on the fine lees until we obtain the balsamic sensation observed on the palate during tasting.

A fresh fruity wine just like our traditional clarete, but longer and more balsamic, bringing out all the fruit and flowers, and full of flavour in the mouth.


  • COLOUR: Salmon pink colour typical of San Asensio clarete, unlike anything else.
  • AROMA: Fruity with hints of cherries, strawberries and flowers (violet and white flowers).
  • TASTE: Sticky-sweet entry with a finish full of white flowers and fruit.
  • AFTERTASTE: Long and lingering with cherry hints.

  • Degree: 13% Vol.
  • Contains sulfites.Botell of 75cl
  • Recommended consumption temperature: 8-10ºC
  • Storage: In a cool, dry place away from the light.

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